Cruise Ship Excursions Belfast

Cruise ship day trips in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Visit the Game of Thrones Locations
We have a limit to how many tours we provide each day as we believe in quality service comes first.

If your ship doesn’t dock you get a full refund and if you cancel 24 hrs before your tour you also receive a refund.
There are other companies who don’t offer this after 2 ships never docked this year in Belfast.

Duration 7 hours

Tour duration 7 hours and will take over 1 hour to first location. But your guide will tell you about our emerald green beautiful countryside and local myths.

World Famous Giants Causeway

With over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns as the result of ancient volcanic fissure eruption over million of years

Dunluce castle

The House of Greyjoy created by the McQuillian family in 1513

Carrick-a-rede rope bridge

Only suitable for tourist who are staying in Belfast as waiting time can be up to 2 hours long and its 1km walk each way.This rope bridge originates over 300 years when Salmon fishermen lived on the small island for the Salmon run each year.Over 66ft long and 30 metre drop not for the faint hearted.

Ballintoy harbour

Used by local fishermen and its keel used for Limestone and also featured in GOT (Pkye Harbour)

Bushmills whiskey distillery

Est 1608 and the oldest distillery in the world whiskey tasting £10 for 3 glasses not included in price.

This itinerary will cover the Cruiseship Giants causeway and Got Combo plus people who only have 7 hours for the short route tour

Rhaegal Daenerys Tararyens dragon is killed by Euron greyjoys iron fleet

White Park Bay

This spectacular sandy beach with have your friend jealous with your family photo

Renly Baratheon Camp Stormlands

(Season 2 Episode 4 Garden of Bones) Renly been crowned King with support of the powerful of Tyrell. With army of over 100,000 men.With the help of The Red witch Renlys murdered by the Shadow baby (The night is dark and full of terrors)

Brienne of Tarth

(Season2 episode 3 What is dead will never die) Brienne is watched by Renly and Margaery Tyrell as she wins a place on Renlys Kings guard

Nagga's Hill

(season 6 episode 5 Kingmoot) This is where Euron greyjoy declares he build the biggest iron born fleet of ships and sail the narrow sea and marry Daenerys Targaryen

The Targaryen

Door made from the beeches trees from Kings road after a tail end of a hurricane hit Northern Ireland 3 years ago

Sandy beach

(Episode 5 season 8) Tyrion and grey worn survive the ship wreck after been attacked by the iron fleet

The Bells

(Season 8 episode 5) Varys greets Jon snow on shore and asks how is Queen Khailees is doing after been stricken by grief

Lord Sport Harbour

(season 2 episode 2) The night lands Theon Greyjoy seeks alliance with his father Balon Grejoy for Robb Starks war and returns to the Iron Islands

Varys commits treason

(season 8 episode 5) Dragon stone castle where Daenerys uses Dragon to set Varys on fire

Balon Greyjoy murdered by his brother Euron

(Episode 6 season 2 Home) and layed to rest on the dead raft and sent out to sea

Kingsmoot cave

(Episode 6 season 2 home) This is the cave Yara and Theon escape out off once they realise Euron is about to kill them and declare himself King of the Iron born

Baptism of fire

This is where Aeron the high priest carrys out the drowned and reborn of Euron


(season 5 episode 4 sons of The Harpy) Jamie and Bron arrive on Dorne to rescue Myrcella Baratheon who isJamies daughter

Kings Road

(Season 2 episode 1 The North Remembers) After the death of Ned Stark Arya escapes Kings landing disguised as a boy with Yoren, Gendry and Hot pie.

Studios and Kings lands

We will stop for a photo stop only outside the world famous Game of thrones studios and Kings landing created in Belfast for the finale of this award winning production

Titanic Quarter

Photo stop at Museum and Slip way where the Titanic was launched from 31th May 1911
£340 1-2 People
£390 3 People
£440 4 People
£480 5 People
£520 6 People
£550 7 People

Giants cause way included
Rope bridge vantage point only
Bushmill cost £10 3 glasses of whiskey tasting